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What is Implant Dentistry?

All of the teeth in your mouth are vital to everyday activities such as eating, drinking and talking. When one of your teeth is missing or decayed, it can have a real effect on your mouth functionality as well as your overall appearance.

Pediatric Dentistry: The Importance of Early Prevention

Oral hygiene is an important part of life and is something that needs to be practiced every day in order to maintain and avoid dental issues. Just like learning to ride a bike or how to swim, children also need to be taught how to care for their teeth at an early age.

Williams & Daily: Family Dentistry in Raleigh, NC

When it comes to the health and care of your family’s teeth, you want a dentist you can trust and build a strong relationship with. With the busy life that comes with raising a family, going from one dental practice to another can be challenging and cause unnecessary chaos. Luckily, family dentistry can make it easier on you and your entire family by providing dental services all under one roof.

We Have A New Associate Dentist

The whole team at Williams and Daily Dental are excited to announce Dr. Lysandra Lestini has joined our practice as our new associate dentist!

Get Your Smile Back, Carolina!

From the beginning of my education in dentistry, I was immediately drawn to the idea of dental implants. It is so satisfying to be able to take a natural tooth that is failing in form and function, and rebuild it to the point that it is nearly indistinguishable from surrounding teeth.

Williams & Daily Dental Invisalign Testimonial

Raleigh, NC Invisalign Testimonial Recently, Dr. Williams helped one of our loyal, long-time patients fix her smile with Invisalign orthodontic technology. This patient has been a part of the Williams & Daily family for over 22 years.

A Few Dental Tips per Day Keep the Cavities Away!

Brush Up On Your Dental Hygiene Best Practices Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day treats are finally off the shelves and out of our mouths, and springtime is in our midst.

Williams & Daily Veneer Testimonial

Raleigh Veneers Testimonial Dr. Daily recently transformed the smile of one of our wonderful patients, Kathy, using veneers to repair and brighten her front teeth.

Williams & Daily Invisalign Special!

Invisalign Special Raleigh, NC Have you been dreaming of a straighter smile, but worry about how you’ll possibly afford it? Or perhaps you’re not quite ready to commit to a mouth full of braces? Fortunately, Williams & Daily Dental of Raleigh has a solution for you!

How Dental Tools Are Cleaned

Did you ever wonder what happens after you leave our treatment room? There are increased public awareness and news stories’ highlighting failures in medical sterilization. At Williams and Daily Dental, we think sterilization and your health is extremely important.

Connor's Broken Tooth

When you are a dentists’ child there are lots of things you cannot do. You cannot forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day. You cannot forget to floss your teeth at least once a day. You cannot sit around sipping on sugary drinks or even carbonated drinks as they are not good for your teeth.

How to Prepare Before Oral Surgery

Oral surgery may be required in the treatment of several kinds of dental issues. Though typically outpatient, most procedures require general anesthesia, as well as a few days of care and recovery time afterward. Whether you’re getting your wisdom teeth extracted or are having dental prosthetics implanted, it’s important to be prepared prior to your procedure to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Invisalign Special Ending Soon

We have been running an Invisalign special since July and it will be coming to an end soon. Treatment is $300 off until the end of September and the first visit is no charge.

Benefits of Whitening Your Teeth Professionally

Thinking of brightening your smile this summer? Why not, it brings out a more confident, younger looking side and creates a better first impression. Whitening your teeth makes stains from tobacco, coffee or age disappear.

Bioengineered Tooth Implants

Scientists have published research on what may turn into a new method for tooth implants. Bioengineered teeth refer to a specific field of study in which scientists use stem cells to attempt creating immature teeth (teeth primordia) that emulate those found in a human embryo.

Start Your Spring Cleaning!

National Dental Health Month has made its exit and spring is finally upon us, so why not get a head start on the cleaning? No, not your house, your mouth! Our preventive dentistry is among the best in the Triangle, and Drs. Williams and Daily apply the latest technology to make sure your smile remains on the road to perfection!

Free Oral Cancer Screening Day

In honor of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Williams DDS recently hosted a free oral cancer screening day for everyone in the Raleigh area.