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Patient Reviews

"With some trepidation, I went in on Monday to have a root canal done. Dr Craig first used a clever technique to follow a blister on my gum down to the infected root and was able to identify the source of the problem. He then completed the procedure with no discomfort for me. What a relief!!"
Dan D, Raleigh, 07.14.2016
"I needed an "emergency" appointment - despite the fact that it was a Friday with limited coverage, I was accommodated even though it meant Dr Williams came in from his day off. It is this type of extra service that is meaningful."
Iris S, Raleigh, 07.31.2016
"I love Williams and Daily Dental!!! Everyone there rocks. Thanks for doing such a GREAT job and being so nice, too. Julie Hamilton has been my dental hygienist for probably 30 years. Love her. :)"
Ben K, Raleigh, 07.29.2016
"Always gentle and kind. Always professional and friendly. I have never had one second of pain or fear while in their hands. Julie is a gem and Dr. Craig wonderful at what he does. Who ever thought going to the dentist would be highlight of my day? I am even impressed with the warmth and competence of their office staff! The whole atmosphere is harmonious and happy."
Diana G, Raleigh, 12.03.2015
"My experience at Williams and Daily is always wonderful. And who says that about going to the dentist?! I had to have an unexpected crown and filling after a routine teeth cleaning and while sitting in the chair for 3+ hours isn't my idea of fun, the procedure was easy and relatively pain-free. The staff are amazing the the dentists give excellent care. I cannot say enough about my time at W/D."
Kelly N, Raleigh, 11.25.2015
"I love Williams and Daily Dental office. The doctors and staff are professional and courteous. I have been a patient for several years and love the friendly relationship that continues to grow from visit to visit! Thank you Jacqui and Dr. Craig for excellent care."
Anonymous, Raleigh, 03.10.2016
"As always the staff assisted beautifully in every way! I walked out with happy teeth and tingling gums! I completely recommend Williams and Daily!!"
Debra K, Raleigh, 01.05.2016
"Great experience. As a radiologist, I was very impressed with the high quality state-of-the-art imaging equipment."
Anonymous, Raleigh, 04.22.2016