Our Team

Our Clinical Dental Assistants

Our team of Dental Assistants help in the delivery of efficient and precise dental care. They assist the doctors in all dental procedures to aid in dental treatment of the patient and to provide quality dentistry. 

The dental assistant assists in dental procedures, transfers instruments, mixes materials and takes and develops X-rays. They document and record patient treatments, diagnoses and necessary future treatments during the examination with the doctors. Their goal is to help educate the patient or parent about their treatment.

We are in the “people business” of building long lasting relationships that result in trust and ultimate oral health.

Our Clinical Dental Hygienists

Our team of Dental Hygienists deliver high quality dental hygiene treatments to patients with positive emotional and physical comfort so that the patients know that their dental health is our main concern. 

They provide high quality dental hygiene treatment involving gum-related problems. They also help teach patients about Dental theories and methods in order to guide patients towards optimal oral health. In addition, the dental hygenists conduct research to improve patient care and assist in health promotion activities for the practice and the community.

Our Business Administrators

Our team of Business Administrators includes a scheduling coordinator, a financial coordinator and a practice business coordinator. 

They are dedicated to helping you find convenient appointments to work around your time schedule, create payment solutions that fit your budget and make your dental experience as pleasant as possible.

"The front desk is a hoot, those Ladies are great! Only my second visit, I was hooked after the first. Miss J. is a top shelf lady. I feel very at ease around her, she knows her stuff, and the Dr. and Miss J. were one heck of a team. They actually listened to what I had to say, better than I listen to myself. Very professional, no wasted movements, efficient, easy going; included me in everything that was going on. Thank you Sir, for putting up with me in your chair. I would like to continue to use your facility, and you as my Dentist if possible. I already started to drop your name like, "a bad habit" Thank you Dwight, out."

Dwight F, Raleigh, 07/23/2016
"Few people enjoy their visits to the dentist, but at Williams and Daily, the patients look forward to it! Jacque is the nicest and best hygienist with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work. The entire staff is professional and very friendly. My family would not put our oral hygiene in anyone else's care. We have been patients for over a decade, watching this practice grow and we are genuinely fond of everyone In this office. Thanks to Dr. Williams, Dr. Daily and the lovely staff for offering the Raleigh community a wonderful, dental destination! We are "enameled" with their excellent customer service."

Mary S, Raleigh, 07/13/2016