Dental Technologies Used

The Wand

We offer the “Wand” anesthesia delivery system, an alternative to the traditional syringe delivery. Its advantages include pain-free oral anesthesia delivery controlled by a pedal mechanism.

Intraoral Imaging

We offer enlightening and educational tooth and tissue displays using intraoral imaging. These high tech cameras will help you see exactly what is happening during the examination and have a better understanding of necessary treatment.

Implant Restoration & Placement

Implants are artificial tooth roots placed in the jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. This highly advanced technology is a permanent solution for premature tooth loss.

Dental Digital X-Rays

Our X-rays are digitally produced, giving us the ability to reduce the amount of radiation to our patients by 90% with higher image clarity. The image may be viewed on a computer in each treatment room. Enhancement tools used on the X-ray image enable our dentists to better diagnose our patients. They also help our patients to better understand necessary treatment.

Digital Cone Beam Imaging

Digital Cone Beam imaging allows patients to receive complete three-dimensional reconstruction of their upper and lower jaw bones in a quick and painless way. The relationship between an area of interest can also be compared to surrounding anatomic structures such as sinuses and nerves. 

This allows our doctors to pick up on important anatomic changes as well as precisely plan implant and endodontic (root canal) procedures.

The Diagnodent

The Diagnodent is a diagnostic tool used for cavity detection, an evolutionary breakthrough for dentistry. It is a safe and comfortable laser that simply scans your teeth and identifying cavities and potential cavities.

For Your Comfort

  • We have the latest Adec massaging dental chairs
  • We offer chairside headphones for your listening pleasure
  • We provide stereo with XM Satellite Radio throughout the office
  • We offer bite-rests if your mouth tires of opening
  • We offer warm compresses for your neck and blankets for warmth

The Williams & Daily Difference

We have electronic records and computerized communication from the business arena to the treatment rooms that help us perform more efficiently. Our office staff also files insurance claims quickly and efficiently. 

Williams & Daily Dental also specializes in the latest in sterilization techniques such as autoclaves, ultrasonics and monitoring systems to ensure results.